The Scattered Players

Who We Are

The Scattered Players is a collective of over 30 devisers, performers, world builders, designers, musicians, production staff and engineers. Unbound by physical location, untethered from normal life, we have gathered to create theatre that not only works online, but lives online. follow us on Facebook for more information about our upcoming show, Welcome to the Hotel Fantastic!


Benjamin Abraham, Jennifer Alexander, Sydney Amanuel, Teresa Attridge, Lance Bankerd, Steve Barroga, Siobhan Beckett, Emily Classen, Derek Cooper, Tatiana Nya Ford, Bobby Ge, Katy Gentry, J. Purnell Hargrove, Donna Ibale, Kat Kaplan, Nina Kearin, Megan Livingston, Deirdre McAllister, Patrick McMinn, Brett Messiora, Matthew Lindsay Payne, Erika Quintana, Elizabeth L. Richardson, Jess Rivera, Ashley Lauren Rogers, Marvin Roxas, Alex Shade, Heiko Spieker, Maddie Stoffer, Zeljko Strkalj, Chris Uehlinger, Mark Uehlinger, Caitlin Weaver, Mani Yangilmau